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Interior Designer Steve Adamko

I started out wanting to be a carpenter when was five years old, then I want to be an architect when I was in high school, then I switched to wanting to be an interior designer because it pulled all of these disciplines together. But the most important aspect is the interior, because that’s where people live, and that’s where their lives are touched the most. It’s all about form, shape, scale, proportion, texture, color, pattern, and lighting. I use all of these elements to masterfully sculpt an interior that touches all the senses come for the benefit of the occupants.

Author, speaker, and Teacher

I am an author of different publications that I produce and sell. I’m an expert author on ezinearticles.com with articles that address different topics in the interior design field. I’ve also started working on a book that may be published sometime in the future.

I have spoken many times to small and large groups. Some of the speeches and talks have been recorded which I plan to release as a series or as a complete package that can be purchased. I now have my own recording studio where I can create all sorts of products.

I am a masterful teacher. Not only can I do interior design masterfully, I can teach it masterfully. I use a lot of analogies so that my students will understand things at a deeper level and in ways that they can relate too easily. This makes my teaching very impactful. And, I teach on a variety of subjects in the field of interior design.

Finally, I am taking my teaching online. They are all paid courses that will be on an amazing platform for people to partake of anytime and anywhere. There is audio, video, including live phone calls with me.

Custom Lighting Design by Steven C. Adamko

Lighting Designer

Lighting design is absolutely critical to the proper presentation of a residential interior. Whether it’s recessed lighting, floor lamps, table lamps, torchères, up lights, cove lighting, and any other architectural lighting … They all play a part in the orchestration of light and shadow which helps to masterfully portray the various the emotional settings and ambience necessary. But, is only comes about when someone who knows how to masterfully and manipulate lighting to bring about the required the ambience. And that person is me!

Custom Grandfather Clock Base Designed by Steven C. Adamko

Furniture Designer

Many times an interior really needs custom furniture design in the form of actual furniture, millwork, built-in cabinetry, moldings, and other enhancements. Store bought furniture will just not fit the bill because it doesn’t integrate with the interior like a custom design does. This also helps to make sure that everything is proportioned and scaled correctly to give the absolute best result. Its architecture and furniture together working synergistically.

Podcaster and YouTuber

Professional Interior Designer Steven Adamko is The Voice of the “Interior Design Beat” Podcast. Listen to Candid commentary on various interior design subjects and topics including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Telling you like it really is! Giving you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so you don’t have to hope you are lucky in any type of interior design situation. (Click Here to Here)

Steve is dedicated to giving you a healthy dose of Interior Design Commentary, Critique, Interpretation, and Analysis. The “Interior Design Beat” is the heartbeat of interior design podcasts! It’s hosted and produced by Professional Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko who is the Owner and Founder of Spectrum Interiors, established in 1982, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Steve is all about Skillful, Knowledgeable, Passionate Interior Design. In Addition, Steve is a Passionate Teacher and Preacher, and very good at both. Steve explores, expresses, and expounds on the nuances in interior design. The Nuances make all the Difference. Nuances Create the Depth and Richness in your interior design. Nuances are the Details, the Dynamics, and the Distinctive Elements that Create an Unmistakably Unique Interior.

DesignAmbiance is the YouTube Channel of Expert Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko … Founder and Owner of Spectrum Interiors … Established in 1982, based in Portage/Kalamazoo, Michigan. Steve also has other YouTube channels as well dealing with other topics and subjects.

Steve Adamko in black leather jacket and hat outdoors
Steve Adamko – Interior Designer, Lighting Designer, Furniture Designer, and Licensed Builder

Michigan Licensed Builder

I’ve always loved working with my hands since I was little. I love a great hammer, holster, and saw. I’ve always loved high quality tools and I know how to use them. Most of the time I work with other builders because I can put might quality time into the design aspect while creating things that other builders love to construct and put together. It also helps me to communicate with other builders because I can talk their language. This is always helpful in any interior design job, whether it be a new home, addition, remodel, or restoration.