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The Sticking Point Solution to Your Interior Design Dilemma … Complete and Comprehensive Residential Interior Design by Steven C. Adamko

What does it feel like to be stuck? It means you’re stressed. It means you’re uncertain. It means you’re frustrated. Days go by and not much happens. You spend a lot of time are grappling with unpleasant issues and decisions that confuse and stress you out.

You would prefer to spend your time working on very pleasurable activities and enjoying your interior design journey, but you aren’t sure what the appropriate steps are to take. You may have some ideas, but you aren’t sure where to begin out how to execute those ideas. And even if you do know, there are thousands of items demanding your attention and causing you to experience the torment of confusion. The picture looks bleak with no light in sight.

My job and mission, should you accept it, is to show you what to do first, what to do second, and what to do after that. I provide you the how to, the where to, the what to, and why to, so you don’t have to feel as though you’ve been the left stranded with big ideas that don’t result in a specific course and plan of action. I am your true master-guide. I provide complete and comprehensive interior design at the Expert Level.

To almost everybody, the house is the ultimate investment that most individuals will ever make, unless you have a large private jet. Your home is where your emotions are invested. It’s the place that you’re passionate about returning to.

When you invest your energy, as time, and money in your home, you want and expect to get our return on that investment in emotional satisfaction and enjoyment, plus the lifestyle you desire and a haven to enjoy with the people you love.

The problem with people and trying to do this all themselves is in that they lack the skill, talent, knowledge, wisdom, insight, and vision, to make it all come together like a masterpiece. Plus, they are not complete and comprehensive in their approach.

Now it’s time to call your Master-Guide and that Master-Guide is Me!

If you’re doing what everybody else is doing, and following the trends and the fads, then you aren’t differentiating yourself from anybody else. You aren’t showcasing the unique You. You are marginalizing and commoditizing yourself plus looking like everyone else. Is that what you want!? I hope not!

One huge sticking point is saying, “I Can Do It Myself!” … Entertaining the notion of I Can Do It Myself!” … Usually leads to heartache and failure more than it does success. The belief that I Can Do It Myself!” severely limits what you can do, due to limitations of knowledge and skill that it takes to pull off a marvelous interior.

The starting point for your success is your own vision and image of yourself and your home, which I help you clarify and condense into a practical mission plan. This is different from what any other designer or decorator will do. I’m a master at this element of “setting-the-stage” so to speak. I am like Sherlock Holmes here. I ask the right questions to, in order to get the right answers, in order to deliver precisely and exactly the right look and ambiance, uniquely tailored to you and your lifestyle.

But you can “Do It Yourself” with Me as your guide, leader, and point-man by leveraging my skills, talent, knowledge, wisdom, insight, vision, and experience of over 40 years. It’s like Tom Cruise in the movie “Knight and Day” when he said to Cameron Diaz … “With Me … Without Me!” So I will paraphrase it for you, coming from me, directly to you, “You doing your interior design yourself, is way down here. With Me its way up here! …“You doing your interior design yourself, is way down in the dirt. With Me its way up here in the heavens!” With Me, it’s a much better view and loftier besides. With Me is a much better choice!

With Me, you can operate out of your passion to an exponential degree. You’re getting the most upside performance and presentation when you leverage my skill sets and abilities. This will allow your home to be distinctive and differentiated from anybody else, because I am a masterful articulator and orchestrator; looking out for your best interests. I can understand and articulate your needs, hopes, dreams, and problems better than anyone else articulates. And I do it Completely and Comprehensively.

It’s all about showing you how to maximize the enjoyment and pride of place in your home, which you have already lavished so much time, care, and attention on.

Remember Sherlock Holmes … It’s All About Asking The Right Questions … and those are the questions that nobody else is asking. To this, I will add my six P’s, which are as follows:

Prior … Proper … Preparation … Prevents … Poor … Performance.

If you do the six P’s properly, with my help, then everything you do in your home will be an investment and not an expense. It’s all about being complete and comprehensive in the design approach and follow through … from the beginning to the end.

We always … “Begin With the End in Mind” … And that is a quote from Steven Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

It’s all about creating the richness, comfort, and ambience that you deserve in the home that you have invested time, effort, and love in. You deserve it.

So, call me right now to reserve a spot in my schedule and secure your comprehensive expert guide by dialing 269-888-2049 (That’s a Landline)

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